Welcome back everyone to the new home of The Floridian Guy where we have always brought you the national and world news on a independent Christian perspective. As my title has always stated we tell you the news that makes people cringe because they didn’t hear it on the boob tube.

My brother and I are starting a new club called “Another Drop In The Bucket.” This social club will be dealing with fountain pens and fountain pen news. We will bring you reviews from various pens, nibs, ink, and paper. We hope to become the most comprehensive news on these topics. Every video I have released on The Floridian Guy has been written by hand and typed for the final proof. Writing using a fountain pen has always been a great joy because it flows more smoothly than any pen or pencil. There are varying varieties of inks and nibs that can transform your writing style.

What I and my brother have done is combined under the menu section titled “Eye of Horus,” Fountain Pen News, and The Floridian Guy. All videos for The Floridian Guy will be posted under the “The Floridian Guy” menu, where this introduction is located.

I want to apologize for not posting for so long on YouTube. There have been many family issues to deal with. There are at least 2 new episodes written, and recording on them will begin soon.




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